Welcome to the Directory of American Jewelry Retailers, Your Information Gateway To Over 22,000 Online Contacts at over 13,000 businesses in the USA. 

Do you supply jewelry or related services to Jewelry Stores and other Jewelry Retailers in North America ?  Are you looking to expand your client base, reach more customers and boost your profits?
If so, then you have reached exactly the right place!
We pride ourselves on being the #1 provider of  email and mailing lists of Jewelry Retailers both in  America and Europe.
So you can be sure that our data will open the door to 1,000’s of  potential new business contacts, and explode your profit potential in the process.

So What Makes Our Directory The Best In The Industry?

Well to begin with, our painstakingly researched and regularly updated information includes details of over 13,000 Jewelry Retailers with over 22,000 email address contacts together with details of the types of jewelry they supply  (Fine Jewelry, Silver Jewelry and/or Fashion Jewelry )
Quite simply, no other marketing list of Jewelry Retailers comes anywhere close to providing this type of detailed information, with this number of accurate and up to date email address contacts, and at such a low cost.
So if you’d like to expand your client base, promote your goods or services and increase your profits, then take at look at what is included in the Directory:–
Total Number of Records:   22,725  (every record includes a unique email address contact)
Jewelry Stores /Jewelry Retailers:   13,923* (more than one email address contact at each is often provided)
Website Domain Names:   14,158*
E-mail Address Contacts:  22,725*
Records with a Full CASS Verified Postal Address:  73% of records
Records with a Partial Postal Address:   27% of records  (all such records include email address contact details, mostly with a State location)
Telephone #:   77% of records
Type of Jewelry Supplied.
Fine Jewelry:   20,242*  Email Address Records (the vast majority are Jewelers )
Silver Jewelry:   3,132* Email Address Records
*Unique records


All email addresses were last checked during February 2019. See the Research Methods page for more details.


View 100’s of example records to understand exactly what type of information is supplied:-

Full email addresses are made available in the Directory but are not shown in this publicly available screenshot video. Not all records include a full postal address and/or a telephone number. No other type of information is supplied apart from that shown above .


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PAYMENT AND DELIVERY INFORMATION: We offer payment via Paypal where you can pay securely with most major credit cards or via a Paypal account. The Directory is provided in .csv format* via a download link . See the Shopping Cart for further details.

* csv files will open in Excel and most other spreadsheet and database programs.


Number of Email Address Contacts in each State:-

(Due to constant updating these figures are +/- 5%)


AK 69
AL 291
AR 156
AZ 457
CA 3657
CO 459
CT 319
DC 53
DE 81
FL 1683
GA 527
HI 197
IA 193
ID 70
IL 936
IN 323
KS 148
KY 206
LA 271
MA 713
MD 278
ME 127
MI 600
MN 356
MO 393
MS 99
MT 68
n/a 326
NC 592
ND 59
NE 89
NH 145
NJ 806
NM 220
NV 169
NY 2468
OH 678
OK 166
OR 275
PA 897
RI 158
SC 240
SD 60
TN 326
TX 1488
UT 167
VA 478
VT 78
WA 448
WI 362
WV 55
WY 30