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Everything You Need to Know About Direct Marketing and the Email Mailing List of Jewelers and Jewelry Stores


Direct marketing is very popular among small companies and MNC firms equally. If you ever received a call by a telemarketer, then you know what it is. Telemarketing, email promotion are some of the common forms of direct marketing. Marketers buy phone number and email mailing lists of jewelry stores, jewelers, jewellery retailers and start informing them about the products/services they want to sell via an email sending service


Direct marketing is often considered as invasive and annoying by the customers, but yet it survived for so many years because when it comes to ROI, there is hardly any other form of marketing that can compete with it. It is an aggressive form of merchandising that basically pressurizes consumers to open their purse.


What is direct marketing?


The name says it all. It is all about reaching a market via a personal (phone, email) or mass media (magazine, leaflet) platform. What makes it different from other selling tactics is that it tries to acquire new customers forcefully, without taking any permission from the potential customer. For example, when a credit card company calls you for a credit card offer., they don’t ask you whether you need a credit card or not. The primary concern of the marketer is to sell the product by any means. However, direct marketing can also reach out to past or existing customers. If you ever received a mail saying “exclusive discount offer for our loyal customers”, then you know what I mean.


A key factor in direct marketing is an enticing call-to-action. A campaign offers something that encourages readers/viewers/listeners to take an immediate action. For example: an email that reads “offer is valid for 24 hours only” or a tele-caller who says “you are our lucky customer and can win a vacation if you agree for a credit card right now.”


Types of direct marketing


Telemarketing: A team of tele-callers contact potential customers and try to convince them to buy something. The communication is one on one and audio based.


Email marketing: This is the most popular technique. The marketer contacts an email list seller and but email mailing lists of jewelry stores, jewelers, jewellery retailers from him. After that, he designs a text and graphics rich email. Once the mail is composed, he starts sending it to thousands of potential customers, all at once. The reach of email is global and it increases conversion rate within a short timespan. It is cost effective and performance of the campaign is measurable. 


Direct mail marketing: In this form of promotional campaign, the seller sends advertising materials to the home or office address of potential buyers.


Does it work?


It certainly works because in this type of promotion the business reaches the consumers directly and tries to woo them. It does not cost much and ROI is quite high.


Should I use it?


Certainly. Direct marketing is annoying, but effective. It compels consumers to notice your business and makes sure that when they need something you sell, the buyers remember your name. After all, if you send someone the same email twice a week to tell him that you sell a product, he is bound to associate that product with your brand name. Don’t waste your time any more. Buy email mailing lists of jewelry stores, jewelers, jewellery retailers today and start sending promotional mails to the consumers all over the world.

Sales and Marketing Strategies to Jewelers and Jewelry Retailers in the Digital Arena



Email Mailing Address Lists of Jewelers and Jewelry Retailers  are usually collated using a particular computer software which is called a List or Mailing Server. Companies will depend on such a software to generate membership requests of guests to their site, to mail out automatic responses and to monitor the related statistics which will eventually assist them to streamline their particular Email marketing procedure. This is actually the same software that allows you to send out newsletters in large quantities or to sort out your client base by demographics like interests, age and place.


Having 70% of people now preferring to look for local services on the internet it seems sensible to get on a Jewelers and Jewelry Retailers marketing directory and database. You can still find a lot of companies that haven’t yet made the leap. You can include your business or service easily with no previous expertise and in doing this will get more calls and/or email messages than your rivals which are yet to make an online reputation. People can even find you coming from their mobile phones, after all no person has a phone book around with them.


Precisely what are Jewelers Email Mailing Address Lists? They are made up by firms and used to promote services or products in a form of advertising which is usually free of charge, which offer a means for firms to get to know their clients’ needs and wants. Through extending interest in customers via Email, a company could prosper when it comes to consumer trust. There are several ideas offered to help make the most from your lists – for instance addressing the customer by name or even suggesting products of particular interests to them.


A few firms specialize in the B2B exchanging of Email Mailing Address Lists of Jewelry Retailers – but you must always be cautious about this. Global law varies in regards to which countries permit such trade and which do not. At the Us, for instance, it is illegal to purchase or market an Email address without the people consent or knowledge. It is for that reason that responsible companies tend to develop their own lists, offering clients with an opt-in and opt-out clause.


Just how much does it cost to purchase a Jewelers and Jewelry Retailers Email Mailing Address Lists for yourself? The answers vary depending upon whether you wish to invest in Business addresses or Consumer addresses, having consumer addresses frequently costing more. The price remains to be not steep, and it is commonly given as a bulk cost per thousand records (or impressions), but individually one consumer address is worth between 20 to 35 pence. Hence one thousand records might cost nearly between $180 to $350.


Did you know that the most popular search engines such as Google use online Jewelers and Jewelry Retailers marketing directory and database services to deliver results into their customers? The search engine uses crawlers that search through the lists to provide people with what exactly they’re looking for. As the lists already are categorized it can improve the rank of your site. Simply by listing your website you can get incoming links that also help to increase the rank of your website in search engines that can lead to better visibility.


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The Role of an Email List of Jewelers and Jewelry Retailers

There is a high demand for jewelry out there in every corner of the world. To purchase jewelry, people tend to get the assistance of jewelry retailers. They are providing an excellent assistance to catering the needs of the people. Using a mailing list of jewelers and jewelry retailers you can find businesses that are offering their services from both online as well as offline stores. It is up to the people to select the best method out of them and get their hands-on jewelry that is needed.

Jewelers email addresses included in a Directory jewelry retailers feature products made out of rings, brooches, bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklaces and cufflinks. It is possible to attach jewelry to the body or the clothes. There is a high demand for the jewelry that comes along with precious stones, such as gemstones. The jewelers and jewelry retailers are working hard in order to cater that demand as well.

People have looking for database of jewelers for a long time . Along with industrialization and commercialization, the jewelers have got hold of the business of providing people with jewelry that they need. Therefore, all the individuals who are in need of jewelry must go ahead and take a look at jewelry that is being offered by the jewelers. They are being made out of many different materials as well. Gold and silver hold a prominent place out of them. In addition, platinum is also being used for the process of making jewelry. The cost associated with jewelry depends based on the material that is being used. Hence, it is up to you to take a look at the material and your needs to determine what the best option available to go ahead with is. We can also provide a customized list of jewelers for the people in need, based on their requirements.